Sarah Cleary


Sarah Cleary is an artist printmaker who lives and works in South East London. She studied printmaking at City Lit, during her Foundation Diploma (2017) and Advanced Printmaking for Artists (2018). She studied drawing at the Royal Drawing School Drawing Intensive Term (2019). She is currently based at Bainbridge Print Studios, Elephant and Castle.

Artists Statement

My work begins as a response to poetry, I have made series of prints inspired by the work of Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, and most recently Sophie Collins.

I use traditional etching techniques which are ritualistic and sensory experiences. They are time consuming and open to chance occurrences. Working with the process, I build a relationship and a responsive dialogue with the image, which in time becomes its own entity. Similarly, the materials I use are traditional and handmade, chosen for their tactile and visual qualities. 

I enjoy the destructive and creative nature of etching, and the parallels between this process and my relationships as an artist, woman and mother.

I have recently begun to experiment with colour and multiple plate etchings.


Woolwich Contemporary Print 2018

310 Collective exhibitions:

Dulwich Artists Open House, May 2018

Brockley Max Festival, June 2018.

City Lit student group exhibitions:

“What if…”, The Copeland Gallery, May 2017

“Pressing Time”, R K Burt Gallery, June 2018.